Russian airframer Irkut is reassuring that its production operations are unaffected by a fire which broke out at its aircraft plant on 9 July.

The company, which assembles the MC-21 twinjet, says the fire occurred in an electrochemical facility for treating titanium components, separate from its other production facilities.

“This incident will not affect the operation of the company,” says Irkut. “The main equipment of the workshop was not damaged.”

Irkutsk’s regional emergencies ministry says the fire, which occurred around 15:30, covered around 1,000m², damaging the workshop and causing a partial collapse of its roof.

No injuries resulted from the fire and specialists have determined that there is no threat to the surrounding population from harmful substances in the atmosphere, it adds.

Some 60 emergency personnel attended the blaze. Irkut says it initially deployed its own firefighting arm before other emergency vehicles arrived. The fire was extinguished by 18:30.

Irkut is to assist with an investigation into the cause of the fire.

Source: Cirium Dashboard