Airbus's long-range A321XLR would probably be configured for around 200 passengers for operators using the type across its maximum 4,700nm range.

The aircraft is based on the reconfigured fuselage of the A321neo which enables the twinjet to seat up to 244 passengers.

But speaking during a briefing, Airbus chief commercial officer Christian Scherer said the typical long-range mission for the A321XLR would probably involve a two- or three-class layout and seating for "around 200" passengers.

He says the aircraft will feature a 12,900 litre rear fuel tank which holds the equivalent of four current additional centre tanks.

These additional tanks, as featured on the A321LR, each hold 3,121 litres of fuel.

Scherer says the rear tank has a weight "equivalent" of a single additional centre tank, and that it takes up the cargo hold space of two.

The aircraft is capable of receiving an auxiliary tank forward of the wing, maximising the fuel capacity for operators that need it.

Scherer adds that the wing configuration change involves a single-slot flap on the aircraft's trailing edge.

Airbus has secured tentative orders for the A321XLR from US lessor Air Lease.

Source: Cirium Dashboard