The third and smallest iteration of 737 Max has broken cover at Boeing's Renton, Washington plant with the debut of the Max 7.

Flight testing of the longest-range 737 Max variant is set to begin in the coming weeks, with deliveries to Southwest Airlines starting next year.

B737 Max 7-ro-1-1100-c-Boeing


Slightly larger than its 737NG predecessor the -700, the 737-7 can carry 172 passengers and has a maximum range of 3,850nm (7,120km).

The aircraft is the first of two Max 7 flight-test aircraft. Boeing says it will now be transferred to the Renton flightline to undergo system checks, fuelling and engine runs ahead of its first flight in the coming weeks.

Boeing notes that technology improvements enable the Max 7 to carry more passengers 1,000nm further than the 737-700, with an 18% reduction in fuel cost per seat.

B737 Max 7-ro-2-1100-c-Boeing


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Source: Cirium Dashboard