Analysts have conducted tests for Sukhoi Civil Aircraft on two modified wing designs intended to save structural weight in comparison with the current Superjet 100.

One option involves a lesser degree of sweep while the other has a greater relative thickness.

“Both lead to a reduction in the weight of the structure,” says the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute, which has been carrying out the assessment.

The designs, tested in windtunnels, are intended to improve aerodynamic performance as well as load-bearing capabilities.

“Tests have confirmed the benefits,” says the institute.

Preliminary data point to a near-10% improvement in the aircraft’s fuel efficiency. The wing modifications could be introduced to enhance future Superjet design, the institute adds, although no timeline has been indicated.

Sukhoi produces a baseline version and long-range version of the Superjet 100, with respective ranges of 2,960km and 4,320km.

Source: Cirium Dashboard