Sukhoi Civil Aircraft has posted a deeper half-year net loss of Rb804 million ($12 million), despite a sharp increase in revenues.

The Superjet 100 manufacturer states, in an interim financial disclosure under local accounting standards, that revenues rose by 47% to just over Rb16 billion.

It managed to reduce its pre-tax losses to Rb876 million from the previous level of more than Rb1 billion.

The airframer puts overall new Superjet deliveries at 141 as of 1 July this year, only a marginal increase on the previous interim figure of 139. The level for mid-2016 was 109.

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft states that Russian aerospace firm United Aircraft’s forecasts for the next 20 years show demand for 4,610 aircraft in the 60- to 120-seat sector of which 205 will be introduced in Russia.

Source: Cirium Dashboard