ROCKWELL-COLLINS' Pro Line 21 integrated avionics, launched on the Raytheon Premier I, is the first business-aircraft suite to have large liquid-crystal displays (LCDs).

The Premier I has two 200 x 250mm pilot-side displays as standard, with options for third and fourth displays.

Collins says that the Pro Line 21 is designed " carry customers through the transition [to a satellite-based air-traffic-management system] and into the 21st century". The system is based on the architecture of the present Pro Line 4 integrated avionics, but introduces new technologies.

The large LCDs allow all flight information to be presented on one display. The Premier 21 primary-flight display will have altitude, airspeed and vertical-speed "dials" superimposed on an extended horizon line providing peripheral attitude cues, Collins says. The multi-function display will be able to present maps, charts, approach plates, manual pages, external-view video, engine instruments and other formats.

The primary navigation system on the Premier I will be the AvSat 3000 global-positioning/flight-management system. This will interface with the GPS-4000 sensor, Pro Line radios, fibre-optic-gyro attitude- and heading-reference system and a new dual-channel, fail-passive, autopilot.

Growth options include the APR-4000 approach sensor, engine-indication and crew-alerting system, and central-maintenance computer.

Source: Flight International