Sir - Experienced pilots applying for airline jobs are required to take an increasing number of psychological tests, but are these relevant to the job of flying an aircraft safely and efficiently? Do psychologists take their own tests to select themselves for jobs?

As an established airline captain observing the results of this type of selection, it seems that the beneficiaries are the people who devise and sell the concept to the airlines.

I have known two good pilots who failed these tests. The airlines involved, however, decided to ignore the results, and this proved to be the right decision. Conversely, some less-than-suitable pilots seem to pass such tests with ease.

An experienced team of company pilots, permitted to take as much time as is needed to interview an applicant, plus a simulator check, should weed out the undesirables and ensure that the new employee fits into the company's operation. This would also save a considerable amount of money.


Thetford, Norfolk, UK


Source: Flight International