Bombardier has selected the Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) PW150 to power the planned de Havilland Dash 8-400 high-speed regional turboprop. The company received board approval on 24 April to offer the 70-seat aircraft to airlines and is aiming for a June launch. First flight of the Dash 8-400 is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 1997, with certification following a year later.

The PW150 is a growth version of the PW100-series turboprop, which powers the Dash 8-100, -200 and -300 models, with a thermodynamic rating of 4,800- 5,600kW (6,500-7,500shp). The engine will be rated at 3,670kW in the Dash 8-400. The most powerful PW100 now in service is the 2,050kW PW127.

P&WC says that the PW150 features a new three-stage axial low-pressure compressor (replacing a single centrifugal stage), increased turbine cooling and a high-power (5,000shp), low-speed (1,020RPM), reduction gearbox. The first engine is scheduled to run in mid-1996, with certification in mid-1998.

The PW150 was selected over the AlliedSignal AS800 and Allison AE2100. Bob Brown, president of Bombardier Aerospace Group, North America, says: "Our detailed studies have convinced us that the PW150 will provide our Series 400 customers with cost-effective, reliable, power to enhance productivity and profitability in their operations."

Bombardier says commonality with the PW120 and PW123 engines powering other Dash 8 aircraft is a "significant" advantage of the PW150. The company aims to achieve a common type rating across the Dash 8 family, with only differences training required for the stretched -400.

P&WC says, that it dropped plans to offer a turboprop, based on the PW300 turbofan because it did not meet the objective of maximum commonality. The Canadian Company says the PW150 will fit in the nacelles of existing PW100-powered aircraft, enabling manufacturers to up-rate their aircraft.

The PW150 is being offered to power the stretched, high-speed, ATR 82.

Source: Flight International