PZL-Swidnik is to re-engine the SW-4 light helicopter with Polish-built Pratt & Whitney Canada turboshafts in place of Rolls-Royce 250-C20Rs.

The Polish manufacturer is also set to receive the go-ahead to deliver the first two of 40 SW-4s for the Polish military aviation academy.

Swidnik received certification for the single-engined SW-4 in November last year, but is considering changing the powerplant from the450shp (335kW) 250-C20R/2 to Polish-assembled PW200s built using parts manufactured under licence by Rzeszów, which was acquired by P&WC in 2001, says Swidnik president Mieczyslaw Majewski.

Poland's army aviation, border patrol and national police have also expressed interest in the SW-4, which could double the orderbook.

The government is understood to be keen to see locally built engines on the helicopter, which is thought to have a domestic market of about 200 over the next 15 years.

Swidnik received Polish certification for its upgraded Mi-2 in June. The Mi-2 Plus is powered by two 530shp Rzeszów GTD-350W2 engines, a combined power increase of about 50shp. Swidnik has won certification for its four-axis autopilot for the PZL W-3A2 Sokol.

Source: Flight International