Airlines are in a better position to combat a potential down cycle than earlier in the decade, says Qantas head Geoff Dixon, who believes those companies have steadily improved their ability to handle downturns in the last six-to-eight years.

Dixon told reporters earlier this week at a Oneworld Alliance event in Los Angeles that a downturn that might be happening in some regions of the globe is not having a domino effect across all areas.

“We don’t see it as much in our part of the world,” says Dixon, adding that “turmoil” was an inaccurate term to describe the industry’s current state.

The chief executive says that with everything that carriers have done during the last few years to strengthen their business they’re in “a better position to meet a downturn”.

Qantas is moving ahead to segment a portion of its businesses into stand-alone operations. Dixon recently said that the carrier could soon detail plans for its frequent flyer programme.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news