Qantas Airways has completed its first assessment flight for the Airbus A380 that experienced an uncontained engine failure in Singapore, since the incident in November 2010.

The aircraft, registration VH-OQA, took off from Singapore Changi airport at 07:15 on 14 April and landed safely at about 11:45.

The A380 flew over an area to the southeast of Singapore and its general performance "including engines and systems" were tested, says a Qantas spokesman.

"The aircraft performed very well and no major issues were identified," he says, adding that the aircraft is in final testing and will undergo one more assessment flight before its scheduled return to Sydney on 21 April.

Qantas recently completed 18 months of extensive repairs on the aircraft, which suffered significant damage to its airframe.

The incident occurred minutes after take off on flight QF32 from Singapore to Sydney on 4 November while the aircraft was flying over the Indonesian island of Batam.

Investigations so far have identified a defect in an oil feed tube as the cause of an engine fire, which led to the engine failure.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news