Qantas Airways says Thai aviation authorities have finally released the flight data recorder (FDR) from its Boeing 747-400 that was involved in a September landing incident at Bangkok airport.

"Our investigators are now carefully analysing a considerable amount of technical information relating to critical aspects of the flight, the landing procedures and the runway conditions," Qantas chief executive James Strong says in a statement.

Strong adds that "Qantas had been obliged to wait until last November 5, six weeks after the incident, until the aircraft's flight data recorder was available."

The 747-400, being operated as flight QF1 to Sydney from London, overran a runway at Bangkok's Don Muang Airport on 23 September when landing in heavy rain at 22:46 local time.

None of the more than 400 on board was injured although the aircraft reportedly sustained more than $70 million in damage.


Last month, Qantas issued a strongly-worded statement calling for an end to "speculative" reports on the possible causes of the overrun.

The statement came after a report in The Australian newspaper in which industry sources were quoted as saying the aircraft's captain took over the landing from his co-pilot - who was at the controls and preparing for a go-around - at the last minute before bringing the aircraft down on his own.

Strong says today: "Qantas is devoting considerable resources to what is a complex, lengthy and thorough investigative process. It is important that all of the factors are properly analysed. Only then will we be able to understand the events and determine what lessons there are for improving safety."

Source: Flight Daily News