Qantas Airways has suspended two pilots over an incident in which they failed to deploy the landing gear on a Boeing 767 and this meant the aircraft had to do a go-around at Sydney Airport.

The aircraft's ground proximity warning system alerted the pilots to the problem, when the aircraft was about 700ft off the ground, confirms a Qantas spokesman. The incident occurred on 2 November as the Qantas 767 was coming into land at Sydney Airport, after completing a flight from Melbourne. Normally the landing gear is deployed at 1,500ft to 2,000ft.

Because the aircraft was so low to the ground, the pilots had to boost power to the engines and do a go-around, adds the spokesman.

The failure to deploy the landing gear was due to "a brief communication breakdown" between the pilots, says Qantas.

It says the two pilots are still on the payroll but have been suspended from flying duties while the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) investigates.

"We are supporting the ATSB's investigation and our own investigations will determine what further action might be warranted," it adds.

Qantas 767
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Source: Air Transport Intelligence news