David Ogilvy expresses his concern over the source of high-quality instructors under the proposed UK Military Flying Training System (Flight International, 4-10 November). He is concerned that the Central Flying School (CFS) will no longer be required in the new contractual environment.

The CFS will continue to train instructors to the exacting military standards under the new system to sustain the requirement for qualified flying instructors on the front line squadrons and operational conversion units. Initial instructional training and experience will be gained on training aircraft (albeit many on the civil register) and the military/civilian balance, while yet to be finalised, will remain similar to the current proportions.

Furthermore, it is likely that most of the civilian posts will still be filled by ex-military instructors.

Wg Cdr S Chiddention OC Exam Wing, Central Flying School, RAF Cranwell, UK

Source: Flight International