Quest Aircraft is hoping to secure European validation for its Kodiak single-engined turboprop this quarter, so it can begin deliveries of locally-registered versions of the 10-seat utility type. The continent is already home to six Kodiaks operated on the US N-register.

Speaking to Flightglobal at the recent Aero Freidrichshafen show in Germany, where a VIP-configured Kodiak was on display, Steve Zinda, Quest’s vice-president of sales for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and China said: “There is so much unharnessed potential for the Kodiak in Europe. The impending approval [by the European Aviation Safety Agency] of commercial operations for single-engined turboprops in IMC [instrument meteorological conditions], should create an even greater demand for the aircraft, particularly within the charter market.”

Quest Kodiak

Quest Aircraft

The high-wing, unpressurised Kodiak is now certificated in 32 countries and Zinda says Quest is looking to broaden its geographical reach, notably in Africa. “We already have approvals in Botswana and Namibia, but there is a lot of potential for the aircraft in East Africa,” he says.

The Sandpoint, Idaho-based airfarmer is also exploring new markets for the all-metal Kodiak beyond its established niche in the passenger and cargo transport sectors. “There is certainly potential for the Kodiak in the special mission segment, such as ISR [intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance] and aerial mapping,” he says.

Flightglobal’s Fleets Analyzer database records a global fleet of more than 170 Kodiaks.

Source: Flight International