Lower price makes Stage 3 hushkit cheapest available for the GII and GIII, and reflects lower values of used aircraft

Quiet Technology Aerospace (QTA) has reduced the price of its Stage 3 hushkit for Rolls-Royce Spey-powered Gulfstream business jets, to reflect the lower values of used aircraft. The price has been reduced from $1.65 million to $1.35 million, making the QTA hushkit the cheapest available for the GII and GIII.

QTA has orders for 17 hushkits, including a letter of intent for five from Global Jet Shares, a Van Nuys, California-based company offering fractional ownership of used GIIIs. "Handshake" agreements on a further five sales were made at the National Business Aviation Association show earlier this month, where the hushkit was offered at a special price of $1.1 million.

QTA has hushkitted 10 aircraft so far - two GIIs, two GIIBs and six GIIIs - and expects around 100 active GIIBs and GIIIs to be the main candidates for conversion. Really Quiet has certificated a Stage 3 hushkit for Spey-powered Gulfstreams, and Stage III Technologies is expecting US approval of its hushkit later this month. Stage III is taking orders at a pre-production price of $1.8 million, increasing to $2 million when production begins in February next year.

QTA expects to hushkit the first aircraft for Global Jet Shares by year-end. The company is offering one-eighth shares in used GIIIs for $1.3 million, providing 100h flying a year.

Source: Flight International