The Nordic Standard Helicopter Programme countries have decided on a common engine for their machines, despite not selecting a common airframe.

Finland, Norway and Sweden selected the NH Industries NH90 while Denmark settled for the larger EH Industries EH101. All four, however, have selected the Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322 over the General Electric T700.

Finland's Patria has meanwhile signed contracts with Eurocopter and R-R Turbomeca covering helicopter and engine assembly. The Finnish Government has also signed the contract to buy its 20 NH90 transport helicopters.

Patria says it will assemble a "minimum of 50" helicopters in Jämsä while the engines will be built in Linnavuori.

Jorma Wiitakorpi, Patria president and chief executive, says the work will allow the company to establish NH90 repair and maintenance capabilities.

Sweden has also selected the taller cabin - 1.82m (6ft) as opposed to 1.58m - originally offered to Denmark to meet its requirement for a search and rescue (SAR) machine. Sweden has ordered 18 machines and taken options for another seven. Five machines will be for anti-submarine warfare with a tactical system developed by Saab. The remainder will be for tactical transport and SAR.

Despite SAR being a role for the Norwegian NH90s, the defence ministry says it has selected the standard cabin for its 14 naval helicopters. It has also taken 10 options.

Source: Flight International