RAC MiG has signed a research and development contract to build an unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) based on its previous Skat design.

The deal, reported by news agency RIA Novosti, is for an autonomous system which requires minimal oversight once in flight. The Skat - a stealthy flying wing design - is the most sophisticated Russian UAV known. The country has had mixed success with developing unmanned systems, and has in the past purchased systems from Israel.

"We signed a R&D contract for UCAVs on 15 May," says RAC MiG director general Sergei Korotkov. "The contract requirements include a mock-up for a future UCAV for the defence ministry. We are already ahead on this, based on our Skat programme."

 Skat UAV - RAC MiG


The Skat system (above) was first unveiled in 2007.

Source: Flight International