They do say that Paris is the city of romance. A not insubstantial number of people who came through the gates on Sunday took one look at the first edition of Flight Daily News and felt Cupid put a well-aimed arrow right between their shoulder blades.

The cause? Our picture of flight-suited US actress Rachel Lee, who had the leading role in British Aerospace's new promotional film.

Visitors to the site (mostly male, it has to be admitted) started beating a path to BAe, seeking Rachel's autograph.

"The interest generated by the Flight Daily News feature on the British Aerospace film premiere Partners in Flight was extraordinary," says BAe spokesman John Coombes.

"Our star Rachel Lee spent the morning continuously autographing copies of the issue and in only two hours had signed more than 100 copies.

"From opening the doors at 9.30am, we had a full house at every show - 250 people per hour - so, by lunchtime we had more than 1,000 people 'outstanding'. Thank you."

And some people say the aviation industry is populated largely by anoraks who wouldn't recognise romance if it bit them on the ankle. How wrong they are.

Source: Flight Daily News