Israeli engineering and design company Radom is offering the avionics suite developed for the Slovenian air force's Pilatus PC-9s to other PC-7 and PC-9 operators for training and combat missions.

Radom recently won a contract to upgrade 10 Slovenian air force PC-9s with new avionics, including a new mission computer, a wide-angle head-up display, and weapon delivery and communications systems. The company is supplying the avionics as kits to the Slovenian air force and will supervise installation.

Radom is offering similar upgrade proposals to other PC-7 and PC-9 operators, in addition to the upgrade suites it has designed for the Aero L-39 and Embraer Tucano trainers. The PC-9 upgrade is expected to be rolled out at the Paris air show next year.

The company is now holding talks with Raytheon to supply the avionics suite for the US company's T6-A version of the PC-9 selected by the Greek air force.

Source: Flight International