The Royal Air Force is looking to equip the whole of its fast-jet fleet with a rangeless airborne instrumentation debriefing system, with an invitation to tender expected to be released soon.

Companies likely to bid include RADA and BVR of Israel. The latter has already confirmed that it will offer a version of its EHUD rangeless debriefing system to the RAF to meet an emerging requirement. BVR intends to team with a UK company for the competition.

The BVR EHUD has been selected by the French, German, Indian, Indonesian and Singaporean air forces to meet their training requirements. The EHUD was developed by BVR in Israel and is based upon a differential GPS. The current version is housed in the void section of a training AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missile body. The system for the French air force will be housed in a Matra Magic AAM body.


Source: Flight International