Thales Avionics UK has handed over to the UK Royal Air Force the first Boeing Chinook HC2/2A with an upgraded cockpit. The modifications are designed to improve the navigation and night flying performance.

At the heart of the upgrade is Thales Avionics' AMS2000 control display navigation units (CDNU), which integrate and manage the navigation and other systems as well as driving the displays.

Thales Avionics says eight companies have been involved in the programme, including Qinetiq, which was responsible for ground and flight trials, and Boeing, which provided airworthiness advice. The company declines to detail other elements of the upgrade but they are understood to include Smiths Aerospace displays and moving map, a BAE Systems forward looking infrared sensor and an embedded GPS-satellite/inertial navigation unit.  

Ministry of Defence sources say the Chinook upgrade is a result of operational experiences in the Balkans and Sierra Leone. A similar upgrade could be developed for the RAF's Westland Puma HC1s.


Source: Flight International