Rafael will add a laser homing sensor to its Spike NLOS helicopter-launched long-range missile, with the new capability to be demonstrated soon, the company says.

Recently integrated on an Israeli air force Bell AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter, the Spike NLOS currently features a dual electro-optical/infrared seeker. The weapon has a range of 13.5nm (25km) and can be fitted with at least three types of warhead, for use against tanks and armoured vehicles, bunkers and infantry.

Rafael also produces the short-range Spike ER (below), which can hit targets from a distance of 4.3nm. The weapon has been integated with the Eurofighter Tiger for Spain, AgustaWestland's AW129 for Italy and with the Eurocopter/IAR SA330 Puma used by Romania.

 Spike ER Cobra - Rafael

© Rafael

Source: Flight International