Rafael is adapting the Spice stand-off precision guidance kit for smaller weapons than the initial 2,000lb (900kg) Mk84 bomb application, production of which has just started for the Israeli air force. Spice's range is exceeding 60km (32nm), while its accuracy is "better than" the 3m (10ft) specified, claims an official.

Haifa-based Rafael has cleared Spice for the BLU-109 penetrator warhead and is modifying the kit for the smaller 1,000lb (450kg) Mk83 bomb.

The forward element, which contains the electro-optical (EO) seeker and a combined inertial/GPS satellite navigation system, will be unchanged. The rear element - comprising wings, moveable tail surfaces to steer the weapon and the power supply - will be modified to match the Mk83's smaller diameter.

According to a senior programme official, no systems will be changed as the existing line-replaceable units will fit the new profile. To keep costs down systems such as a datalink have not been incorporated.

Spice guides the bomb initially using inertial guidance before switching to a wide-angle field-of-view EO sensor and scene matching to determine its target.

Source: Flight International