Rafael and Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) launched their SPYDER air defence system in style at the show with a visit by Shaul Mofaz, the Israeli minister of defence.

Rafael and IAI launch advanced air defence system

The ceremony to launch the SPYDER surface-to-air system was attended by several other government ministers and senior officials from Israel's aerospace industry.

Yedidia Yaari, Rafael's president and chief executive , said: "This is a proud moment for us. The SPYDER system demonstrates Rafael's most advanced capabilities in the area of air-to-air missiles and its ability to convert them into a mobile surface-launched, cost effective solution for a variety of air threats."

SPYDER incorporates Rafael's Derby active radar air-to-air missiles and Python 5 - a dual waveband imaging infrared (IIR) missile. Both missiles can be launched in lock-on-after-launch (LOAL) and lock-on-before-launch (LOBL) modes.

SPYDER successfully fired the Python 5 and Derby missiles over Rafael's test range in Shdema, Israel, early this year, scoring two direct hits. The SPYDER radar and command and control unit (CCU) engaged the target drones both in long range and short range scenarios.

Source: Flight Daily News