The Indian government is expected to give final approval to a large defence systems deal with Israel within a month, covering equipment including Rafael Litening targeting pods and Spice 250 precision-guided bombs worth $500 million.

According to sources related to the deal, the contract will include 164 Litening pods, likely to be carried by the Indian air force's Sukhoi Su-30 fighters. It will also include a large number of Spice 250s, add the sources.

Rafael is promoting its new-generation Litening 5, which can detect targets from long range and support intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance activities.

The wing kit-equipped Spice 250 glide bomb offers a standoff-range strike capability of up to 54nm (100km). The weapon can be preloaded with up to 100 optional targets, and can also strike moving targets. It also has a battle damage indication capability, by transmitting target images just before impact.

Unlike the previous members of the Spice family, which came in the kit form and were attached to 1,000lb and 2,000lb "dumb" bombs, Rafael's lighter-weight Spice 250 is supplied as a complete system, enabling fighters to carry an increased load.