Israeli guided weapons manufacturer Rafael is offering its Python 5 and Derby air-to-air missiles for integration with some of the Dassault Rafales expected to enter service with the Indian air force.

India in January 2012 selected the Rafale for its 126-unit medium multi-role combat aircraft deal, with the first 18 examples to be completed by Dassault with a full complement of integrated weapons. The type is flown by the French air force and navy with air-to-air and air-to-surface weapons produced by MBDA and Sagem.

Rafale - Dassault


An earlier request for proposals also required airframers to “integrate additional weapons of the Indian air force’s choice, as required”.

Joseph Horowitz, director of business development and marketing for Rafael's air superiority directorate, confirms that the Israeli company is in the competition to arm later Indian air force aircraft. Russian industry is also pursuing potential opportunities, with the air force still evaluating its options.