Raisbeck Commercial Air Group has completed US Federal Aviation Administration Stage 3 certification flight tests on its Boeing 727-200 High Gross Weight (HGW) hushkit, and says that it is on track for March approval.

In the meantime, the Seattle-based company is offering its Increased Gross Weight (IGW) kit for operators as an interim fit until the external tailpipe mixer of the HGW kit is available in April. The IGW kit, which is approved on 727-200s for maximum take-off weights of up to 80,760kg (177,900lb), is upgradable to the HGW's limit of 95,100kg. Raisbeck says modification to the number two engine exhaust requires 101 installation man-hours.

The IGW kit is in full production for American Airlines, which ordered 52 in 1998. The ramp-up to full production and support of this contract slowed development of the HGW kit, which was originally expected to be certificated last year. Recently completed flight tests were conducted at Tucson, Arizona, by Hamilton Aviation, using a 727-200 chartered from Sun Pacific.

Source: Flight International