Learjet 31s can climb faster and reduce fuel says Raisbeck Engineering at EBACE to promote its performance and efficiency modifications.

The latest addition to its stable is the ‘ZR LITE’ modification for legacy Learjet 31s.  It claims a 25% reduction in time-to-climb, 2,000ft – 4,000ft (610m – 1,220m) higher initial cruise altitude, plus a 0.2 increase in cruise Mach at equal power settings, 1% decrease in N1 and a 15° ITT reduction at equal Mach, a 7.2% decrease in block fuel at equal altitudes and Mach and a 5-11% increase in range.

The system has been designed to enhance all aspects of flight performance.  Raisbeck has further enhanced the aerodynamics by re-contouring the trailing edge flap system with an extended chord.  This drastically reduces the wave drag that exists at the trailing edge of the wing.

The original all-aluminium aft flap segment is removed with exception to the inboard six-inches and replaced with an all-composite version

Source: Flight Daily News