Tim Ripley

Raytheon is to forge a "strategic alliance" with German missile specialist BGT in a bid to up the stakes in the battle to supply Europe's air forces with hi-tech beyond visual range missiles (BVRAAM).

A link-up between the US missile giant and the missile arm of the German defence group Diehl VA Systeme was announced yesterday as the UK government began its countdown to a decision on BVRAAM.

The document was signed between Diehl chief executive Werner Reinl and Raytheon's Jerry Lockard, vice-president and deputy general manager of the company's missile systems missile business unit.


"We now have BGT as full members of our team," Ed Cobleigh, Raytheon's vice-president for international business development, declared at Asian Aerospace.

"We are now to cooperate on a variety of missile programmes, not just BVRAAM.

"The agreement covers co-operation on the High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM-C) and follow-on HARM for the Luftwaffe.

"They are also the prime contractor for Enhanced Paveway III laser guided bombs in Germany."

A joint statement says that the purpose of the agreement is to serve customers better through strengthened trans-Atlantic armament co-operation.

The agreement will enhance Nato interoperability and provide high quality, effective and affordable advanced missiles to allied air forces.

Source: Flight Daily News