Raytheon has won a contract to supply eight aircraft for Africa's first fractional aircraft ownership scheme, it has been announced at the show.

The deal is for four Hawker 800XPs and four Beech King Air B200s, valued in excess of $50 million.

Jet Time, owned by National Airways of Johannesburg, has signed for the aircraft. First deliveries will be later this year, with the remainder scheduled for early 1997. Operational start-up is due later next year.

The concept of aircraft timeshare ownership is well established in the USA and is developing in Europe but it is the first scheme of its kind in Africa.

Jet Time will offer African companies multiples of 25%. Each share will entitle the owner to 200 flying hours a year over a five-year contract.

Shareholders will sign up to a particular aircraft type but will be able to switch between types. Under the plan, a B200 owner could pay a supplement to use a Hawker and a Hawker owner would receive a rebate when using a B200.

All aircraft will be finished in the same livery but can be customised with the owner's logo on fittings such as headrest covers and glasses.



"When we decided to launch a timeshare programme in Africa we looked at what aircraft would be most suitable for flight conditions on the continent," says Stuart Bromfield of Jet Time.

"Our previous experience with both the Hawker and King Airs demonstrated that these are the best for this operation. The new Hawker 800XP in particular ... gives us non-stop capability from Johannesburg to places like Nairobi and Addis Ababa, and one stop to Europe."



Source: Flight Daily News