Really Quiet is talking to Jet Aviation in Switzerland and Marshall Aerospace in the UK about setting up European centres for installation of its Stage 3 hushkit for Rolls-Royce Spey-powered Gulfstream business jets. The kit was US certificated in January for the GII, IIB and III.

Initial installations are being performed at Really Quiet's facility in Mojave, California, but because customers are likely to combine hushkitting with major maintenance, refurbishment or upgrading, the company plans to sign up established modification centres to perform the complete package.

The first US deal will be signed soon, says Really Quiet.

The company is working to convert 52 provisional orders to firm sales following certification and has reached a supply-chain management agreement with hushkit specialist FedEx Aviation Services, which it hopes will help accelerate production.

The company says that 400Spey-powered Gulfstreams are candidates for hushkitting.

Source: Flight International