Mike Martin

The Airbus Industrie Corporate Jetliner (ACJ) has set a new record for a flight by a large, single-aisle aircraft, flying non-stop from Toulouse to Buenos Aires in a 14hr 50min flight, it was announced at the show yesterday.

The flight, completed the day before, covered an air distance of 12,140km (6,553nm).

There's a chance to see the record breaker on Wednesday when it is scheduled to arrive at the show after an even-longer non-stop flight from Santiago in Chile.

At the controls was Pierre Baud, vice-president Airbus Training Centre, with Ed Strongman as co-pilot. Jack Joye and Gerard Desbois were flight test engineers. On board was a total of 10 people with two tonnes of equipment, most of it flight-test instrumentation.

The ACJ, based on an A319 airliner, will be fitted with a VIP interior before delivery to an undisclosed customer.

The aircraft, with a maximum cruising height of 41,000ft, can take up to six additional centre tanks in its cargo hold for longer range. The non-stop flights are part of the flight trials for certification.

Source: Flight Daily News