Demand for permanent employees is on the increase in the UK aerospace industry, according to recruitment firm Jonathan Lee Recruitment.

The growth in demand is down to tier one systems suppliers and their supply chain winning new business from Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and other US and global companies.

There is also a strong platform of research and development activity underpinning these mainstream programmes, says senior consultant Jon Rance.

Rance says many clients are looking to strengthen their permanent teams in engineering, manufacturing, programme management, supply chain and commercial areas.

Balancing this increase in permanent opportunities, there has been a decline in temporary contract opportunities in engineering functions such as design, analysis and development.

According to Rance, this has resulted in a significant number of staff who have traditionally been contractors now seriously looking for permanent opportunities again.

However, demand for contractors in the UK in areas such as supplier quality, supply chain and manufacturing engineering remains strong.

There are also still recruitment drives for short-term design contractors from organisations such as Boeing, which is looking for UK contractors to work in the USA on fixed-term deals.

Source: Flight International