Bombardier has revealed further details about the proposed CRJ900X and Q400X regional aircraft, which are being designed to seat 98 and 90 passengers, respectively.

The CRJ900X centre fuselage barrel section will be extended forward by 1.58m (5.2ft) and aft by 1.37m, with a 7.5% trailing-edge extension added to the wing, and 0.66m added to the wingtip. Maximum flap setting will be changed from 45° to 40°, but the overall wing design, although strengthened, will remain common to the existing CRJ wing. The main landing gear will be reinforced to take the planned 40,900kg (90,000lb) maximum take-off weight of the 900X.

The Q400X will be stretched with two fuselage plugs, 1.47m forward and 1.58m aft, and will have strengthened main landing gear with carbon brakes and larger tyres. The wing will also be strengthened, and the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150A engines will be rated to operate with 15% more power.


Source: Flight International