US regulators are seeking further information from investors hoping to relaunch defunct carrier Maxjet Airways before approving the transfer of certificate authority to the new airline.

Maxjet Airways, which was performing all-business transatlantic operations, collapsed in December last year. But transportation consultancy NCA Sports Group is planning to restart the company as a charter carrier branded NCA Maxjet.

But the US Department of Transportation has requested further information about several aspects of NCA Maxjet’s proposed operation, including its accident plan and passenger manifest plans.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics has accused predecessor carrier Maxjet Airways of being “seriously delinquent” in filing required information about its operations.

The DOT is demanding an explanation for the apparent failure to meet reporting obligations, and wants to know how the matter will be addressed in future.

DOT regulators are also asking for clarification over NCA Sports’ ownership status as well as third-party verification of funds available to NCA Maxjet, to prove that it can finance credit extended to the carrier.

NCA Maxjet has been planning to use two Boeing 767-200s to perform domestic and international services which will include flights to transport sports teams.

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Source: Flight International