Rémy Martin has introduced the world's first cognac that can be drunk in space, and is showcasing it in the Rémy Lounge at Le Bourget this week. Rémy Space, launched simultaneously at Vinexpo in Bordeaux, has been specially adapted for travellers of the future, offering a gastronomic treat never seen before in space. In case anyone can't wait that long, they're also offering a chance to win some of it.

The cognac is the result of a year-long collaboration with the European space research experts and the Technology Transfer Programme. The end product is a specially modified cognac, blended from 40 eaux-de-vie to create a true concentration of aromas. It has gone through a hi-tech filtration system and is then ice-chilled from the freezer for consumption in space.

Rémy Space is packaged to withstand the rigours of extra-terrestrial travel. It is contained in a PVC flask designed to resist extreme pressures and covered in an isothermic wrapper that protects it from external radiation and houses the drinking straw. An anti-leak valve beneath the screw top opening prevents the cognac from escaping in a zero gravity environment. Astronauts simply insert the straw into the valve to enjoy an out-of-this-world tipple.

International brand investor Christel Trainaud says: "Faithful to its tradition and convictions, Rémy Martin wants to give its customers a taste of the French lifestyle. Rémy Space takes this to another level - outerspace."

Only 3,000 special edition flasks of Rémy Space have been made. For a chance to win one visit

Source: Flight Daily News