Flight International online news 09:00GMT: Pilots at Republic Airways Holdings have ratified a contract amendment that will enable the company to operate up to 80 regional jets under a US Airways jets-for-jobs agreement.

The deal sets the parameters for integrating US Airways pilots into startup Republic Airlines system once the holding company completes its planned $100 million acquisition of US Airways division MidAtlantic Airways’ fleet of 28 Embraer 170s and other assets.

The amended pilot contract also increases the number of aircraft Republic is allowed to operate for US Airways under jets-for-jobs from 32 small jets - basically E-170s and smaller - to 80 jets, of which 25 can be Embraer 190s.

Under the jets-for-jobs scheme, furloughed US Airways pilots will be entitled to fill half of new E-170/190 positions that open up at Republic as a result of its US Airways Express feeder deal, while the remaining flying would be performed by pilots from sister operator Chautauqua Airlines’ master seniority list.




Source: Flight International