"A flying Mercedes, not a minibus", is how Israviation president Stephane Juffa describes his company's ST-50 turboprop executive aircraft.

Making its debut at the Paris Show, the ST-50 can be found in the static park between the Eurofighter and the Israeli pavilion. It's also flying in the daily displays.

The ST-50 is a single turbo-prop, executive aircraft which was designed and built in Israel by Israviation.

"For this reason we have gone for a small, luxurious, stylish aircraft."

Aesthetics and low noise levels were important design considerations on the ST-50.

It has been certified to the latest amendment 46 of FAR 23, a higher safety standard that many other aircraft in this category, says Israviation.

The ST-50 costs $1.25million - cheaper, Juffa claims, than its direct competitors.

"The composite structure of this aircraft makes it easier to build, lighter, uses an inexpensive manufacturing process, is quicker to produce and therefore enables us to produce this model at a very competitive price," he says.

An example of the benefits of using composite material is that the fuselage is made from just two sections - which makes a major contribution to the low cost.


Looks good

This company says the aircraft not only looks good but has lower fuel consumption to that of comparable models.

The rear fuselage-mounted PWC PT6A-135B turboprop and MTV-9-E-C-F-R pusher propeller makes the cockpit one of the quietest around, says Israviation.

"With a true air speed of 450km, a ceiling of 9,400m and a distance of 2,000km, we believe this is truly a high performance model," says Juffa.

Source: Flight Daily News