University of Queensland, Australia and Qinetiq researchers were last week analysing the data from the HyShot III scramjet experiment that took place at Woomera, South Australia, on 25 March.

Hyshot scramjet W250In the latest launch in the HyShot series, the Terrier Orion rocket carried a prototype stainless-steel scramjet engine developed by the UK’s Qinetiq.

The rocket and the scramjet payload reached an altitude of 314km (195 miles) during the 10min flight. The rocket and engine were then re-oriented to point backwards to Earth, with the scramjet experiment taking place during a 6s window shortly before the rocket and engine hit the ground, 400km (215nm) from the Woomera launch site. Scientists were last week analysing data to determine whether the scramjet reached its expected Mach 8 target.

HyShot programme leader Allan Paull says the lift-off was perfect and the rocket motors worked as they were supposed to, but it was too early to say whether the flight had been a success.


Source: Flight International