Kate Sarsfield/LONDON

Avions Robin sister company Bul Aero has developed a single engined ultralight aircraft, to be unveiled officially in the second quarter of this year. "There is a requirement for low-cost aircraft and there is no way to achieve this if you stick with the conventional certification system," according to Avions Robin president, Jean-Paul Pellissier.

Although full details have not been released, Pellissier says that it will be built from composite materials and will have a Rotax engine. Bul Aero is flying the prototype from its Darois base and plans simultaneous French and US certification by mid-year. "Changes are being made to the French ultralight certification programme, which we hope will be less constrained than the present system," adds Pellissier.

The Aeronautique Services owned firm has priced the assembled aircraft at about $60,000, and anticipates initial production of 100 aircraft a year for the first five years.

Source: Flight International