Robinson Helicopter produced 823 aircraft in 2007, more than any other helicopter manufacturer and breaking the record it set in 2005.

The Torrance, California-based manufacturer of single-engined piston-powered light helicopters produce 644 four-seat R44s in 2007, setting a new record for a single helicopter type. A further 159 two-seat R22s completed the total.

Robinson's previous industry record was 806 aircraft in 2005: 563 R44s and 243 R22s. In terms of sheer numbers, the company is far out ahead of any other helicopter manufacturer.

Eurocopter, the market leader in dollar terms, says it delivered 488 military and civil helicopters in 2007 and booked orders for 802 aircraft in both market sectors.

Robinson is developing its first turbine-powered helicopter, the five-seat R66, with deliveries expected to begin around 2010.