Rockwell Collins (booth 620) is showing the new high-speed data units it has developed to support Inmarsat’s forthcoming SwiftBroadband 432Kbit/s satcoms service.
The 2MCU, 3.9kg (8.5lb) HST-2110 and HST-2120 high-speed transceivers are designed to plug into Rockwell Collins’ established SAT-6100 satcoms system. HST-2110 supports one channel of Inmarsat’s current 64Kbit/s Swift64 service and will be upgradeable with a new software load and addition of a small hardware module to support one channel of SwiftBroadband when the service becomes available next year. HST-2120 offers two Swift64 channels, upgradeable to one of SwiftBroadband.
Both HSTs will be able to revert to Swift64 capability when the aircraft leaves SwiftBroadband coverage. SwiftBroadband will not be available in the Pacific until Inmarsat commits to the launch of its third Inmarsat-4 satellite.
As well as the plug-in Swift services, SAT-6100 can simultaneously support three Inmarsat Aero-H voice channels. It has been certificated on the Bombardier Global 5000, Global XRS and Challenger 604 and Dassault Falcon 50.


Source: Flight International