China Eastern Airlines has chosen Rockwell Collins (Hall 4, A2) to provide sensors and radar equipment for 20 new Airbus A330 aircraft, with delivery beginning in 2006.

The Rockwell Collins' GLU-920 multi-mode receiver and WXR-2100 MultiScan hazard weather detection system are included in the avionics package.

The GLU-920 multi-mode receiver (MMR) is an integrated unit that provides the aircraft's primary position, velocity and time reference and enables precision landing capability. The advanced MMR also offers instrument landing system capability and high-integrity, satellite-based positioning for navigation and future landing functions.

The WXR-2100 MultiScan hazard weather detection system is a fully automatic radar that reduces pilot workload and enhances safety and passenger comfort by allowing the pilot to steer clear of potential turbulence. MultiScan provides optimal weather detection from the nose of the aircraft out to 320 nautical miles.

Other Rockwell Collins equipment chosen by China Eastern Airlines includes the ADF-900 automatic direction finder, DME-900 distance measuring equipment, HFS-900D high frequency system, CPL-920D coupling unit, LRA-900 low-range radio altimeter, VOR-900 VHF omnidirectional radio and the VHF-900B very high frequency transceiver.


Source: Flight Daily News