An enhanced version of Rockwell Collins' Airshow 4000 moving map system for business jets is now available and in production.

The so-called Version 2 software includes a new graphical design utilizing NASA's 'Blue Marble' map data, which is based on actual satellite imagery.

Additionally, Airshow 4000 with Version 2 software supports IP-based connectivity over high-speed and broadband data systems, augmenting existing satellite telephone connectivity and providing "faster, more reliable upload of up-to-the-minute Airshow Network programming", says Rockwell Collins.

"With more than 4,000 business jet operators relying on our Airshow technology today, we put a priority on continually evolving this offering," says Steve Timm, vice-president and general manager, information management for the firm.

Version 2 is now considered the new baseline software for Airshow 4000. Existing Airshow 4000 customers can upgrade to Version 2 software through a custom software configuration that may require a hardware modification.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news