ROCKWELL IS TALKING to China about a possible in-country demonstration of a satellite-based air-traffic-management (ATM) system later this year. China is one of several countries in the advanced stages of planning new satellite-based airspace systems, says Rockwell's Communication Systems division.

The Chinese programme would involve demonstrating the implementation of automatic dependent-surveillance (ADS), with aircraft transmitting global-positioning-system (GPS) position reports via a VHF datalink. China's interest is in the potential of the ADS for increasing air safety, Rockwell says.

The US company is working with Moscow-based GosNIIAS to develop an architecture for a satellite-based ATM system for Russian Far East airspace, to be operational in 1998. A request for proposals for competitive procurement of the system is expected in late 1995. The contract is expected to be worth $100-150 million.

Russia's interest is in gaining revenue from overflight fees.

Source: Flight International