ROCKWELL TACTICAL Systems division is to begin testing the target-acquisition element of its proposed small low-cost interceptor device (SLID) against projectiles by the end of June.

The point-defence system, expected to be used mainly on armoured vehicles, will be required, to acquire and track cannon shells and mortar rounds.

The system will use a hypervelocity hit-to-kill projectile to protect aircraft, ships or ground vehicles from incoming fire. Rockwell claims that the interceptor will be able to hit missiles or projectiles at ranges between 100m (330ft) and 300m.

Technology similar to that of the US Patriot PAC-3 missile is used on the SLID, including a rolling airframe and positioning thrusters. The interceptor weighs less than 5kg and is expected to cost less than $10,000 a unit.

A competition being conducted by the US Advanced Research Projects Agency is due to produce a shortlist by the end of September.

Source: Flight International