ROCKWELL IS working under a US Navy contract to integrate the Hellfire laser-guided anti-armour missile on the Sikorsky HH-60H Seahawk combat-rescue helicopter.

The programme, which primarily involves software development for a new target-processor and integration of the M299 Hellfire launcher, is a follow-on to the recent test-launch of six Hellfire missiles from an HH-60 Seahawk at the Navy's Patuxent River, Maryland, test centre (Flight International, 31 May-6 June, P17).

Under the 16-month programme, Rockwell will adapt existing Hellfire missile-control software to the HH-60H Stores Management Unit (SMU). The M299 launcher is now entering initial production as part of the US Army's Apache modernisation programme.

Rockwell has integrated the Hellfire on more than 12 platforms, including rotorcraft and surface warships. System testing of the integrated HH-60H/ Hellfire system will be concluded in fiscal year 1997.

Source: Flight International