Rolls-Royce has completed a 150h endurance test on its Trent XWB engine for the Airbus A350 family, indicating that the powerplant has undergone a more rigorous regime than planned.

The test was carried out at the INTA technical aerospace institute in Madrid.

Rolls-Royce said that speeds and temperatures were increased from the manufacturer's original target during testing.

The engine has been sent back to Rolls-Royce in the UK to be stripped down and analysed.

Airbus is to fit the Trent XWB initially to the A350-900. The powerplant will have a baseline thrust of 84,000lb-thrust (374kN) for this variant.

Rolls-Royce chief engineer Chris Young said: "The turbine entry temperatures we were able to demonstrate during the testing deliver substantial margin at the full 84,000lb thrust rating."

Another engine has completed a bird strike test in Derby, UK. Rolls-Royce said it continued to run without incident after ingesting four 2.5lb (1.1kg) birds at maximum take-off power.

Young said the results of the tests have given the manufacturer "further confidence in the on-wing life of the engine".

Rolls-Royce has eight Trent XWB engines in its test programme, and is preparing to fly the powerplant on an A380 next year.

Source: Flight International