Hoping to attract buyers from Europe and farther afield, Romania's Aerostar has unveiled its new ultralight aircraft Aerostar 01 at the show. It is the first time the aircraft has been seen outside Romania and shows Aerostar is confident there is a wider global market. It is also being seen as a sign of Aerostar's increasing confidence that it can diversify out of its military aircraft operations and augment them with light aviation projects.

The two-seater Aerostar 01 was flown in from the manufacturing site in Bacau, northern Romania for the show. Powered by a Jabiru 2200 piston engine with a two-bladed wooden propeller, the aircraft has a 750km (405nm) range. It can achieve speeds of 90kt (170km/h) and a ceiling of 10,000ft (3,000m). Having had lengthy discussions with the Romanian Aeroclub while developing the aircraft, Aerostar believes it has produced something that will become the aircraft of choice for the country's amateur pilots.

But as well as strong demand at home, the manufacturer believes there is a significant ‘middle class' market in Western Europe, Australia, North America and Southeast Asia as well as Eastern Europe. "The layout allows for two seats at the front and there is room at the rear for two further seats for children. This means Aerostar 01 will appeal to middle-class buyers who will acquire a recreational aircraft for the family at an affordable price," said a company spokeswoman as the show opened.

Aerostar plans production of around 40-50 per annum and says it already has confirmed initial orders and that delivery will begin as soon as certification is achieved.

Source: Flight Daily News